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This site aims to: Exchange, Sharing, Conviviality.

I've been competing on roads for more than ten years, and I decided to share with you all his experiences lived intensely.

Also share places and magical places visited the moment of a race, dedicated to Marathon runners, classics runners ... A journey, like one of the most beautiful in the world, that of Marseille-Cassis, where still, the Viaduct from Millau ...


Through a photo slideshow, it's a real invitation, a journey on the paths of the heart and generosity ... And, to give meaning to all these beautiful human adventures, I sponsor a very beautiful association whose title is very evocative: "Smile to Life". (Association Marseillaise you will find all the information by clicking on the Association tab on the site).

Today, I pledge to participate with you in this beautiful human adventure, which, I know, will not leave you indifferent, in the fight against the disease of Cancer that affects Children, Les Petits.




By clicking on the "HelloAsso" tab on the site, you will have access to the collection, which I created for them, so that you can participate and, thus contribute to defend a noble and beautiful cause, that of children , Children, Little ones, by donating. You will show them, that you are present daily, at their side, to fight with them, against the disease.

I thank you in advance, for the generosity of your gesture, which you show towards them, thank you for your visit, relay the message.


Let's not let down those Children, the Little ones who fight every day for their lives.




To you, from the heart, thank you soon.




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